Many of the skills and techniques developed by Nostalgic Confections are a result of the talents of four very unique master candy makers, Carl Hammond Sr., Tom Hammond Jr., Bud Depry, and Thomas Williams.  Each was exceptionally skilled and each had a predisposition to a specific confectionery craft.  Carl Hammond Sr., founder of Hammond Candy Company, began working as a candy maker’s apprentice in his early teens from European immigrants living in Denver early in the 1900’s.  Over the next ten years he was involved in various food operations as owner-operator with others through the end of World War I, before starting his own confectionery business.  Carl like his predecessors developed many of his strengths in manufacturing through the pressures of the current market.  His skills though many were honed in hard candy specializing in confections that were significant of the current depression, delivering small ½ oz. candy canes for a penny a piece.  This may seem today as an endeavor of futility, however it is through his dedication to quality and craftsmanship that set the foundations for future generations of craftsman. 

Tom Hammond joined his father after his tour of duty was completed at the end of WWII.   Tom, who was not as skilled an artisan in hard candy as his father, became masterful in the production of chocolates, caramels and brittles.  These products became more ephemeral to Tom, with production and processes dependent on the senses of feel, touch, taste and smell.  This is the benchmark contribution he passed to his contemporaries. 

Tom Williams was a schoolboy friend of Tom Hammond and both had ultimately worked together for many years in the industry.  Mr. Williams demonstrated devoted knowledge and strengths in the production of creams, fudges, marshmallow and divinity overcoming many personal difficulties. 

Bud Depry was the epitome of the master hard candy maker.  He developed his skill prior to WWII and resumed his craft after his tour of duty.  Bud was masterful in the creativity it took to develop the blocking techniques used in cut rock, an artistic picture candy.  Through his lifetime commitment to the art, he had developed over fifty various designs, many of which were lost when he passed away.  His creativity and craftsmanship were translated though other products such as hand made ribbons, lollipops, candy canes and barber poles. 

Each master candy maker has his own lasting signature on the present philosophies and culture of Nc.  Nostalgic Confections is the curator of this time capsule, preserving, maintaining and educating future generations of confectioners and culinary artisans in the skill and method of hand crafted confections.  Encouraging building and developing the craft from the skills passed down from a line of talented and gifted artisans.

Candy Maker Genealogy

"It is not the amount of years in your life that matters. It is the amount of life in your years."

                                                                                    ~ Abraham Lincoln