Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dear Friend & Food Enthusiast:

Welcome to, where daily food experiences will be the buzz of the web.  The concept is summarized below with a link to a fully navigable landing page.  Take a few minutes and browse through the beta test site, we would appreciate your input.

The primary concept of is to offer a food product per day, interesting and entertaining media and to develop a unique interaction with the sites web audience.  The web based ecommerce model for offers a specific 365 day food focus with monthly “Fig Off” events.  Participation takes on an EBay online auction type feel with web customers purchasing great quality, unique products at prices that can not be found at retail market levels.

The operations objective is to take out the middle tier of distribution going directly to the manufacturer, grower or importer and setting up logistics to minimize efforts of the vendor partner.  The team will provide all logistics including shipping labels, product pickup and payment to vendor will be received within predetermined shipping window.   This also assists us with managing logistics so a flat shipping fee is all that the consumer will ever be expected to pay.  There is an additional lasting benefit from the concept and that is removing a distribution level out of system providing a reduction in the environmental impact going from manufacturer directly to the consumer.

The daily product offerings may include 72% bulk chocolate from Guittard Chocolate, offer Caviar from Russia, Lemongella from Italy, Life Boat Tea from Williamson of Great Brittan, Unwooded Chardonnay from Napa, Demerara Sugar from Liverpool, Joan of Ark Brie from France, Diamond Whetstones from the US.  Through the hope is to be able to offer fresh from the market products using the same ecommerce model to include items like White Kadota Figs, Blood Oranges, Elephant Heart Plums, Indian River Grapefruit and more.

I hope you enjoy the test drive of; it has great potential for the food enthusiasts of the world and may provide a smile along the way. As a note from the mission page to enter the beta site click on the smoking man button in the bottom right hand corner of the page or any of the Kadota fig logos.


kadota fig mission site