Gather round y'all and gaze upon the awesome beauty that is ficus carica, or what is more commonly known as the kadota fig.  An example of nature's great sense of humor it has a shape like the head of a Hanna-Barbara cartoon character with a lush, tender and pulpy inside that looks as delicious as it tastes.  In fact, we have a little secret to whisper to you all so lend an eager ear… the kadota fig is self-conscious.  "What?" is most likely your reaction to such an outlandish statement, but please, our website isn't labeled with the name of such an elegant piece of nature's nurture because we thought it was clever.  It was because a seemingly harmless and mute piece of fruit piped up and told us it would be a good idea.  One day we had stumbled upon a particularly wise and talkative kadota fig and we were quite astonished at his intelligence, sensibilities, politeness and knack for useless trivia.  His name is Herman and this is our first conversation in a nutshell, or, more appropriately, fig skin.



"Down here! Next to the Time Magazine."

"Are you a talking kadota fig?"

"No, I'm a hand-picked consultant to George Bush."


"Wait! Wait! Don't squish me, I'm just kidding. Wow, you didn't even question me."

"I wouldn't put it past ol' W. to chose a piece of fruit to help him run the country."

"Touché. Jokes aside, fate has brought us together."

"Really? Why?"

"I have had a dream that one day I would meet a man like you and we would create a website that would give people the opportunity to purchase elegant, delicious and exquisite products that would tickle and palate with delight, all at an unheard of price."

"Really? I didn't know figs dreamed so big."

"I'm not just a fig my friend. I am a kadota fig!"

"So I'm guessing I shouldn't eat you right?"

"No, don't eat me. We will work together and achieve this dream."

"Sounds great. Um, what about the other figs."

"Oh yeah, go ahead and eat them. I never liked them anyway."

And since that day we have worked together to achieve the great dream of the kadota fig.  It may sound crazy, well, it is a little crazy, but who can blame us?  Eight years under a crazy president, enduring a crazy economy we decided to get a little crazy ourselves.  So please indulge in our psychological down fall as we continue to listen to the advice of an edible Hanna-Barbara look alike.

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