Why in the world?

Yes, we get this a lot; kadotafig.com originally organized as an underground conspiracy to infiltrate the global consciousness of the public; inspiring abstract thoughts; undermining the popularity of specific food groups and to ultimately become the pinnacle of the food chart as we know it today.  Unfortunately, we have had to scale back our plans and bring our fans more of what is on the food chart rather then the global domination perspective.  Anyway, kadotafig.com is a web based store front that offers daily deals on interesting foods, gadgets, chocolate, appliances, culinary, wine and even few market fresh products.   Accompanied by great attitudes, a little (very little) humor and a chance for you to participate in the larger dialog; the hope is to fetch great, quality unique, hard to find foods and goods at outstanding prices.

I see only one item, what the heck is going on?

Multi-tasking is very difficult for us simple folk at kadotafig.com, and our mission is and will always be to abide by the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple - silly) principle.  

When do the products change?

We decided to take the lead of Mom nature and follow the natural cycle of things. At 12 midnight we will undergo our 24 hour transformation from that day’s product event to the next, so set your alarm clocks and be the one to bring in the days new kadota fig product.

Darn, I missed yesterday's item, I really want one!

There are a two different ways to revisit product that you may have missed. We are offing a 24 hour time warp to allow those of you that missed the chance to have a crack at that same product again. If it sells out withing the 24 hour event then you are out of luck so "FIG OFF"! There may be an additional opporunity to purchase the product again and that is during our, to coin a phrase "FIG OFF" event where we offer mutlple products in a day - kind of like Ebay on Viagra. There will be occasions when will will bring back favoite products but no pomises.

FIG OFF - excuse me!?

Yes, FIG OFF is a fun way once a month to snag up those products that may have been missed during the week. The secret to these events is to order early, once a product is sold out and the stoplight turns red we move to the next product. No do overs, IOU's or comments that they don't play fare. The analagy to Ebay on Viagra is very true but we don't put a four hour disclaimer or warning on our event.

I am looking for your customer service department, where can I find it?

We are extremely sensitive about customer service, customer retention, customer satisfaction, market and demographics and all that STUFF but we don't have such a department.  After much soul searching and after experiencing the stellar customer service we now expect to receive from all our large corporate brethren at Microsoft, AT&T, Dell et al we ultimately decided to minimize market related services and pass the savings on to you.  We also firmly believe that our performance will mitigate any need for a traditional customer service department.

What if I really need to talk to a customer service person at kadotafig.com?

We encourage everyone to post a problem on the site blog or contact us by email.  Posting a comment or complaint is a great way to solicit attention from any company.  We are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination and it is important to be aware of a problem in order to address it.   If it becomes imperative that you contact us, shoot us an email and we will respond back in 24 hours figsupport@kadotafig.com

How do I return a damaged or defective product?

If a product is damaged in shipment you will need to submit a claim with the shipper.  Please visit    http://www.kadotafig.com/claims with your order number and we will assist in filing a claim.  If it is product related we request that you contact the manufacturer or email above for assistance.  Appliances, utensils and equipment normally will have limited or extended warranties sorry no extended warrenties on the fressh gooseberries.

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