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As the year draws us nearer to the holiday season I am reminded of the stories told by the veteran candy makers that experienced the hardships of the Great Depression.  It was a time when sugar was rationed, folks were without a job and there was virtually a confectionery on every street corner and yet most found ways to sustain themselves.  Family became critical to survival and it was the sons and daughters that took their places along side their parents in the back and front of these small establishments.  Walking into a local shop meant being greeted by name followed by light hearted inquires about family and children. Quality and service was the most important considerations of the time.  Of the many tales of challenges and hardships, the common thread that tied individuals together was the support of community and the significance of family.  Intentions were not set on extravagant amounts of money or even success; it was the conscious efforts to help and to sustain each other.  So in lieu of the holiday season it is my wish that you find comfort in community and strength in your family.
May peace and blessings smile on each and every one of you in the coming weeks and into the New Year! .........................Emery